About The Brand

A carefully curated selection of goods made BY and FOR empowered women.
Naked Slate started as a fashion blog used for my creative outlet, with the long term goal of opening a boutique! I pressed fast forward on that goal because there is no better time than NOW! I want my brand to feel classic, sexy, and bold. A mix of casual LA style with a twist of New York sass. Just like me!

Why fashion?

Since I was a little girl I loved playing dress up, loved dressing my dolls in fun outfits, and was a bit of an artist always drawing wedding gowns in my notebooks. I was already obsessed with fashion without knowing it. I’m from a small town so it didn’t occur to me that designing clothing could be a career. I saw it in my fashion magazines but it seemed so far out of reach. In high school I was picking my career based on the outfits… I wanted to be a lawyer so I could wear the cute pantsuits. Then I wanted to be a nurse because I thought scrubs made a cute outfit… it was like dressing up made you a totally different person. And after I realized that playing dress up was more than a hobby, I decided to go to FIDM and be a fashion designer.

What inspired you to launch your brand?

I feel like entrepreneurship is in my blood… My dad started his own business long before I was born. So growing up I saw how hard he worked for that but also how much freedom it gave him. After experiencing design jobs in the fashion industry (getting a lot of rejection just for your ideas to be stolen), I wanted to bring my own vision to life without anyone restricting me.

Plans For The Label

I am currently curating my products from other female owned small businesses but I really want to start adding in my own designs and hand made items. And I really want to lean into the name “Naked Slate” by adding some sexier elements like lingerie. I also want to have a more digital presence with a blog and maybe start styling photoshoots again!