About The Brand

A carefully curated selection of goods made BY and FOR empowered women.
Naked Slate started as a fashion blog used for my creative outlet, with the long term goal of opening a boutique! I pressed fast forward on that goal because there is no better time than NOW!

Why fashion?

Since I was a little girl I loved playing dress up, loved dressing my dolls in fun outfits, and was a bit of an artist always drawing wedding gowns in my notebooks. I was already obsessed with fashion without knowing it. I’m from a small town so it didn’t occur to me that designing clothing could be a career. I saw it in my fashion magazines but it seemed so far out of reach. In high school I was picking my career based on the outfits… I wanted to be a lawyer so I could wear the cute pantsuits. Then I wanted to be a nurse because I thought scrubs made a cute outfit… it was like dressing up made you a totally different person. And after I realized that playing dress up was more than a hobby, I decided to go to FIDM and be a fashion designer.

What inspired you to launch your brand?

I feel like entrepreneurship is in my blood… My dad started his own business long before I was born. So growing up I saw how hard he worked for that but also how much freedom it gave him. After experiencing design jobs in the fashion industry (getting a lot of rejection just for your ideas to be stolen), I wanted to bring my own vision to life without anyone restricting me.

Brand Ethos

Be unapologetically YOU! And wear whatever you want to make you feel like the best and most confident version of yourself!

Brand Aesthetic

Classic, sexy, bold. A mix of casual LA style with a twist of New York sass. Just like me!

My Customer

For the boss babes that want to show their confidence through their clothes. I cater to more of a millennial audience who likes to stay on trend and feel sexy weather they are wearing lingerie at home or a matching set at work!

Plans For The Label

I am currently curating my products from other female owned small businesses but I really want to start adding in my own designs and hand made items. And I really want to lean into the name “Naked Slate” by adding some sexier elements like lingerie.