My 2022 New Years Resolutions

Did you make your New Year's Resolutions?! 

I know, some people think it's silly but I will be LEVELING UP in 2022! I'm sick of this sitting around hoping things get better but somehow doing the same thing over and over! I know it's my own fault, I know that I have self sabotaging tendencies and that is exactly why I need to make these resolutions and GROW! If you want to learn and grow in 2022 but are feeling a little stuck, PLEASE keep reading! I am not here just to help myself, I am here to help my COMMUNITY!

 PS- I have LINKED as many groups, products, pages as possible for easy access (only my book list contains affiliate links, but some of them are free with Amazon Prime!) <3


1. Start and Grow my community of women through The Social Slate

If you haven't heard yet, I am starting a social community in LA to bring the SOCIAL back to Social Media. So many of us are growing online businesses through social media, but we are missing the social aspect of it. That, and we all have a constant need for content. After seeing this need for socialization and getting back to networking after the pandemic, I decided to start a social group of my own. Lets get together to create content, meet locals, and partner with local businesses while we grow our online businesses. I must admit, I feel imposter syndrome in doing this because I am not great at socializing and networking. But that is exactly WHY I need to do it. I need to step outside of my comfort zone and bring together the community that I've only dreamt of! If you are in the LA area, please do both of us a favor and JOIN TODAY! *Here are the Instagram & Facebook groups*

I am so excited about this because I was a part of a very similar social group in NY (no longer in existance) that allowed me to meet LIFELONG FRIENDS, CREATE CONTENT (some of the most amazing photos I have taken), and GROW my business! I want to bring that to my local ladies now that I live in LA!

2. Grow Naked Slate

Not just grow, but get it to a point that I can support myself and business with just a part time job instead of a full time job! You can read all about that in THIS blog post.

3. Get in the best shape of my life!!

I know, I know! "New year, New me" blah blah... BUT IT'S TRUE! I bought myself a 1 year membership to 24 hour fitness during their Black Friday sale and I am committed! Just like everyone else, I went through a lot in the last 2 years. Specifically a couple months that really led to bad eating and health habits. You know, having a long distance relationship with an A$$H@LE that was cheating and gaslighting me (I don't have any secrets from y'all) leading to a terrible breakup, plus the loss of a few family members. I went through an emotional few months right after the break up... Can I coin the term "Ice Cream Diet"? And once November hit was mentally prepared to get back to the best version of me! 

So maybe it wasn't a New Year goal. But it carries over!! *If you ever want to go to the gym with me I have a buddy pass! Don't hesitate to hit me up!*

4. Do more of what I LOVE!! 

Okay clearly this is on everyone's list but to get just a tad more specific; I want to use my free time wisely! I want to kick the addiction to the scroll, and use that time to do something more meaningful! I want to spend more time outside, I want to travel, and I want to LIVE! Life is short, and why should we watch other people on the internet living their best life instead of going out and finding our perfect life!? 

4. EDIT- Do Less of NOTHING and replace it with more of what I LOVE!

*Disclaimer* I don's suggest doing this at the expense of your financial security!! And I clearly need to find a way to do this while growing my business and having my job that supports this way of life!* 

Mindless rambling in regards to my NYR's...

I have a lot of other things I want to do with my life this year including but not limited to:

-Go Snowboarding (planned for shortly after the new year) SO I CAN DO COOL MOUNTAIN SNOWY THINGS!!

-One of the things I love is traveling to new cities and exploring! This year I really hope we can get this virus under control so I can go visit a new country! Worst case scenario, I don't get to leave the country I want to at least visit a new city in the US. I'm already in a good position for this because I have a friend getting married in Colorado in May, but if I could get 1 more trip in, that would be fantastic!

-Read more books. On the list so far: [finish] The Last Rose of Shanghai, Half in Shadow, Steve Harvey's Act Like A Lady Think Like a Man, We Should All be Millionaires, Professional Trouble Maker (recommended by my good friend Kim over at Plants Pants & People), and at least 1 of the 3 Jane Austin books that I own and haven't touched in years! I have a 3 in 1 book but the multi book set below is stunning!


I would LOVE to hear what your new years resolutions are this year! Hearing other goals is very inspiring to me because it sparks new goal ideas for me and gets my wheels turning on how I can help other or even just hold others accountable to reach their goals!


Happy New Year friends!