5 reasons to start THRIFTING

1. You are making a small positive impact on the environment by giving vintage clothing a new life! Instead of going to a landfill, it gets a spot in your closet! No extra materials are wasted by making this, except maybe a tag added by the reseller. PS- My tag doubles as my business card with my website and Instagram info!

2. Vintage clothing is still around because it is DURABLE! It was made with high quality materials, and a higher level of craftsmanship than your fast fashion options! If you need another reason not to shop fast fashion, see point #1...

3. Unique options! You are not going to run into your friend wearing the same dress as you at the prom, or anywhere else for that matter! Vintage is hard to find two identical pieces (with the exception of vintage levi's?) so you know you are going to stand out! 

4. YOU SAVE MONEY! Buying a brand new silk blouse for $200 is a  little ridiculous when you can buy one in beautiful condition from a vintage seller for a fraction of the price! I sell most of my silk tops for $40! So buy from me, its a win-win for both of us!

5. You might be supporting a small business owner like ME!! That saying about an actual person doing a happy dance when you buy from a small business is so true! We do all the sifting through thrift stores and estate sales and sometimes dirty sketchy sales, to find the gems, clean them up, and bring them directly to you! When all that hard work pays off and we have a happy customer, dancing is inevitable! Not to mention, if you find a vintage seller who matches your aesthetic, you can almost always guarantee they will have something you will fall in love with! *EDIT* yes, I am moving away from vintage in my shop because it put too much pressure on me to go to estate sales and thrift stores EVERY WEEK. I found myself buying items for the sake of inventory, not amazing pieces that I loved. So I will still have vintage items at market, but it will be fewer items but they will be high quality and stunning!

If you need more reasons to buy vintage, give me a follow! I LOVE vintage shopping, and I know it can be a pain, so I am here to help! Let me know what you are looking for and I will do my best to find it for you!


Happy Shopping!

Love, Amanda